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Fossil Free sailing Friesland;
1st - 14th July 2018..

Land-focussed, plus nautical events.
Information interpreted from various sources using online translators [and a touch of editor's indiscretion].

"Join us.
Under the name Elfwegen Trek, Friesland is going to be a special challenge in the context of the Culturele Hoofdstad: two weeks of driving without gasoline, or diesel. See: Elfwegen trek (Elfwegentocht).
We (Dorestad committe) contribute to the water sports section.
We hope to be two special weeks, in which we will be two highlights for us:
1. A natural boat trip from the Kop Overijssel to the Tjeukemeer, probably on Friday 6 July, with media coverage for fossil-free sailing. The tour ends at the open-air theatre on the island in the Tjeukemeer (see We can also stay overnight. After that we can sail – fossil-free-by Friesland. Would be nice if at least on July 6th and the connecting weekend a good number of people and boats participated. Perhaps there are also people who want to make a whole cultural week. That week can then end at the closing parade to Leeuwarden:
2. The "showpiece of futuristic vehicles" on 14 July from Drachten to Leeuwarden. For water sports enthusiasts about it from Harinxmakanaal (from the point where highway and channel run parallel). We can sail to the heart of Leeuwarden (near the Prinsenhof and the Oldenhove). Fix this data in your calendar and keep them free. Further info follows."

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