"Ice-Breaker" - 2nd January 2010

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Seven intrepid Henley Whalers started the year as they intend to go on - Sailing in the sun.

True to the name of the event, they did break ice, in the bilge, caused by sub-zero air temperature during the drive to Calshot. (This soon melted in the 6C seawater)

The broad slipway made launching quite easy, though a quickening cross-current pushing Molly on to the adjacent "pier", made for a tricky cast-off.
Once away, the ebb tide soon pushed Molly toward the central Solent, and a moderate northerly wind helped her across the very strong west-bound tidal stream on the approach to Cowes.

Patchy breezes in the Medina River reduced Molly's speed significantly, but soon The Folly Inn was visible on the port side and after an exploratory pass along the outside of the pier a spare berth was found on the inside.

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Lunch was tasty, and the "Crew Pot" (beef stew) was nothing if not generous!

Limited wind whilst drifting with the ebb down the Medina obliged occasional use of oars, particularly to pass the Red Funnel ferry berth onto which there is a strong tidal set.

Once clear of Cowes harbour, a course was set eastward along the shore to gain ground against the west-bound tidal stream, then northward for Calshot.

Approaching Calshot, the NW wind was weakening and on the nose, so out came the oars for the final few minutes.

Sailing in sunshine on 2nd Jan is not to be sneezed at.
We had broken ice (in the bilge).
We had started the year in fine style
We had also visited one of the English Raid proposed moorings (Folly Inn)

All in all a great day's sailing in almost ideal January weather.

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