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'Seafair '08'
'Eddystone 08'
Report and pictures awaited.

Eddystone Challenge
Molly (and Crew) won the Whaler Trophy!
Gale force winds prevented the race being run on its intended route around the famous lighthouse. Not that conditions inland, up the Tamar and back, were any kind of picnic. Dick Wynn, in his report for "London Whalers" said "speed over the ground at some points was virtually zero as we pulled for all we were worth". He might also have noted we were sometimes only yards from the rocks with an adverse tide, in some of the roughest conditions in which Henley Whalers have ever rowed.
Pictures? - I have been sent some really good ones, and aim include them here "soon".
Meanwhile see The Plymouth Herald, and "Rowing for Pleasure"

The latter website (thankyou Chris Partridge) leads to more information about a sore point! Sheepskin fleeces on the thwarts had proved very comforting during The Eddystone, and will be in demand for the forthcoming Great River Race. Now read "That little problem rowers have". Also see "Row Commando" and Roz Savage.

Fun at Cawsand
Molly and crew then went on to have a week's fun at Cawsand, Cornwall, across the bay from Plymouth.

Picture. Molly chasing an Enterprise..


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