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Sail the Mazurian Great Lakes for a Week - This entire page needs updating for 2020

Inland, non-tidal sailing in "The Land of a Thousand Lakes"

Cruise amid forests and National Parks.

Very tranquil and substantially unspoilt - "a genuine paradise for sailing enthusiasts"..

Try to imagine Norfolk Broads but 30 times bigger, hillier, only a 10th of the people, and un-commercial - wow!

“What about the COST?”, I hear you ask.

Prepare for a surprise.

To charter (rent) for example, a fully equipped six-berth yacht, (Why charter?) in Mazuria might cost around £70 per person + Air fare (say £150) = £220.*

Chartering in Greece could be around £150 pppw + Air fare (say £200) = £350.*
(Flight to Italy is around £150*)

Other expenses?
Living costs are pretty low.
Transfer (train/coach/minibus) to and from the “Land of a Thousand Lakes” is surprisingly low.
Moorings are mainly free or very reasonable.
The scenery and tranquillity are free!

*All prices TBC.


Need more convincing?

Below, Pictures of Mazuria.

Above, Maps - all to the SAME SCALE! - Mazuria is large enough for several weeks of delightful cruising.

The many lakes are inter-linked by rivers and canals to form an extensive, branching, waterway network, set in widely varied countryside

There are many inlets, peninsulas and islands
Wildlife is abundant
Sailing and rowing conditions are excellent.


Why charter?
Convenience - Comfort - Cost
Just moor up anywhere knowing that you're already in your accommodation - You could camp, but why bother?
Shallow-draft, sleep-aboard boats, ideal for the local conditions, are readily available at very decent rates - No point in towing long distance.

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