Cholesterol - One man's story - A cure?

This is a collection of data, thoughts, a few conclusions, and a few suggestions.

Maybe you are reading it because your cholesterol levels are not ideal, and you want to know if you can perform a DIY "cure".
Perhaps what worked for me will work for you. I'd like you to feel confident that there probably is a non-pharmacutical solution. My story might help you decide what steps to take.

If something here makes you think "This is not for me", persevere anyway. Perhaps the "dietry" concepts won't appeal to you, or maybe getting on a bike is something you would not dream of, but read on, something here will work for you.

The subject / patient is male, white, British, and was aged 65 when the investigations started.
Other health factors - Generally healthy, non-smoker since age 22. Moderately active.

2011 to 2016 and later.

October 2011 - Symptoms that had, as far as one knows, nothing to do with cholesterol, prompted investigations which included blood tests.
2012 to 2015 - Various non-cholesterol issues were prioritised and addressed.

December 2015 - The GP noted that cholesterol was raised, advised that statins should be taken.
The patient declined the statins, and told the GP that he would reconsider only if he was unable to achieve a better level within three months.
Christmas followed, so the intended efforts to manage the cholesterol level were neglected until 10 January 2016.

Through January 2016 some adjustment of eating habits and activity levels was attempted.
Early February 2016 a more conscientious program was adopted and carefully followed.
7th March, the date for the forthcoming blood sampling, was getting motivatingly close!
March 2016 - Eureka! -

An interesting aspect of the story, is that while this patient's DIY "cure" seems to have achieved a useful reduction in cholesterol, it is apparent that several other blood anomalies also came back to the right side of the thresholds. - Maybe coincidental? - Beneficial anyway!


This table focusses only on the cholesterol-related samples. - The table will be tidied-up to make it more readable.

Blood Test Results Normal minimum Normal maximum
Date sampled     11/10/2011 02/12/2015 07/03/2016
Thyroid function test (SKK)    
Serum cholesterol 0 5 5.6 5.8 4.2
Serum triglicerides 0 1.5 1.4    
Serum HDL cholesterol ("Good") 1   1.5 1.36 1.31
Total cholesterol;HDL ratio   4 3.73 4.26 3.21
Serum LDL cholesterol ("Bad")     3.5    
Non-HDL-Cholesterol 0 7.5   4.4 2.9

Another table further down includes other blood constituents and other dates.


The patient had been teaching for about 20 years, and had thus lived in an almost constantly mentally stimulated, stressed and adrenalised state. Constantly, except during vacations. It had been noted that his health and fitness often declined during vacations. Sickness often struck at these times.

The patient hypothesised that his post-"retirement" decline in health was caused not by the "retirement" itself, but by other factors brought on as a consequence of changes in lifestyle, including activity-levels, food consumption, and mental/social stimulus.

The approach he intended to adopt would be multi-faceted:-
1) he would aim to restore his previous levels of activty
2) he would aim to return to his previous "diet".
3) he would research methods of cholesterol adjustment, and would aim to adopt those in which he had faith.
4) he would seek and adopt methods to foster social and mental stimulus.
5) he would thus establish a mood of "positive thinking" based on his beleif in the above strategy.


1) aim to restore previous levels of activty.
The patient should have found this "numerically" simple. He had previously been commuting 10 miles per day by bicycle. The miles declined significantly following "retirement". Solution? - "get on your bike". The challenge was to regularly replicate the pre-"retirement" weekly mileage. Poor weather can be very de-motivating, and the armchair can be dangerously magmetic.

Possible solution - Set targets. Do charity rides (getting fit for them is quite motivating). Find new routes to explore - Traffic free is the ambition.. Use the bike to visit interesting local places. Visit friends. Use bike for shopping. Ride to a slightly more distant pub/cafe/place of interest. Use bike for going to the GP! Experiment with different Sat-Nav apps on mobile phone. Get part-time/casual work at a comfortable cycling distance from home.

2) aim to restore previous "diet".
The pateint had fallen into a habit of lunching on instant/cuppa-soups and mass-produced microwavable ready meals. He also became careless when chosing meals out, and takeaways.

Possible solution - TO BE WRITTEN.

3a) research methods of cholesterol adjustment - Beware - The internet can be a misleading place. - TO BE WRITTEN.

3b) aim to adopt those in which he had faith. - - TO BE WRITTEN. Include Intended and actual diet. Include sources. Explain deviations. Consider alternmatives

4) seek and adopt methods to foster social and mental stimulus.5) establish a mood of "positive thinking" based on beleif in the above strategy. - Possibilities - - - TO BE WRITTEN. Include Part-time/casual work. Voluntary activities. Holiday activities.

5) "Positive thinking". - TO BE WRITTEN. include the leukemia case.

Other benefits - side effects - TO BE WRITTEN. Include the whole blood sample table. (tidied up)

Two years later - - TO BE WRITTEN. - Achievements, lapses. Status.

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