Henley Whalers - Venice - 2018

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This page will soon be a gathering place of useful information for any Henley Whalers attending this year's Venetian extravaganza.
.Meanwhile, here are a few snippets and a map of the Vogalonga
Vogalonga Map
(click to enlarge)
- (Courtesy of pluplumcreations, Venice).

W/B 7th May - Preparations - Slip Molly out to trailer and ensure she is in tip-top condition.

Thursday 17th May 2018 - Henley Whalers start arriving in Venice, Launch Molly and prepare for Vogalonga.
Would you like some info about bus/water-transport special fares?
What else?

Sunday, 20th May - Vogalonga (Long row)
The epic 30km processional row of maybe 2,000 human-powered boats around the Venetian lagoon.
9am. from Saint Marks, ending at The Grand Canal.
Their website .

Monday, 21st May - Prepare Molly in sailing mode for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 22nd to Saturday 26th - "Vela Raid"
About 30 sail and oar boats enjoy a mildly competitive grand exploration of the lagoon, including corners well off the tourist trail.
Their website.

Sunday, 22st May - Velalonga (Long sail)
200 sailing boats race 10 miles around the lagoon in waters nearer to the city. Their website .
Followed by prizegiving dinner.
Head home today and tomorrow.

Previous visits. 2016 awaiting YOUR input, 2014, 2011, 2010 & here. 2009, 2008 & here. 1999, Col,
Our Venice 2008 pre-departure info (probably outdated).
Have you got any contributions from 2016, or for this year? - Please send text, pictures or links.

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