Yes - Even in Winter, "Whalers" row on Wednesday evenings!

Isn't it DARK?
Not really

Stepping out of your car, a torch is initially useful. Away from bright lights you soon gain night vision.
You will be amazed how much you can see; how peaceful the river is when it is all yours.

Is it SAFE to be on the river at night?
"Molly" has navigation lights. Strict "rules of the road" keep vessels apart. "Molly" is always under the command of experienced and qualified helmsmen. They know the river very well and have seen it in all its moods.
"Molly's" design evolved for chasing whales in the World's oceans so she is more than a match for the tranquil Thames.

Henley Bridge Night

Imagine - The lights of Henley on the rippling water. - Then slide past Temple Island; a moonlit night; silvery reflections; starry sky. .

Try it! - Total beginners welcome!

Or try a DAYLIGHT Row or Sail - Usually the 2nd Sunday of every month, generally in the Henley area. Pub lunch, or picnic at anchor in a sunny backwater. Information and Reports

Can anyone join? - First read "Who are we - What do we do?"
To enquire about joining us (no previous experience is necessary)
and accurate details of our meeting place, please use this link.

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